About Me

First and foremost, the best part of my life involves my family. Photography is just a secondary blessing that plays a huge role in my everyday life.

My family brings out the very best in me and keeps me pushing myself to succeed in any way possible and with anything that presents itself as a challenge to me. Photography is not only a passion for life, but it's also a challenge given to me everytime I go out on a shoot. To take the perfect and most fitting shot and make to the most out of the day so that it may be remembered for an eternity.

I've always said that when the day that comes that photography feels more like work than it does a passion, I will fold up the tripod and call it a day. However, as I see it, that day will never come as long as there's beautiful things and beautiful people in this world.

Photo Credit: Louise Mcgregor

My Philosophy

Don't blink, because you will always miss that special moment in life and you'll wish for it forever...

Like the click of a camera shutter, life passes us by and we forget to slow down and love the simple things that are right in front of us !

My Equipment

I'm a strong believer in having the equipment which best suits the individual needs of each photographer.

My camera equipment is exclusively Canon and I use a wide range of lenses and camera bodies which prepares me for any occasion.