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Bracken is my 3rd Bracken. I always have a Bracken. My 2 previous Bracken's both earned a Dog World award in Obedience. Bracken 1 also earned her Obedience Trial Champion. Bracken 2 also had a High in trial and her Agility Trial Champion. Both earned field titles. Both were therapy dogs. So Bracken 3 does have big shoes to fill!!
Her Grandmother - Lia, has various field titles and is an Agility trial Champion. Her mother - Jaz, has field titles and some Agility titles. Both are therapy dogs.
Bracken is full of life and boundless energy. She was swimming at 8 weeks old and retrieving her bumper in the water! She loves to retrieve. She is doing agility and is going to be fast!!!  When I have a litter of puppies she loves to play with them and has learned how to be gentle. I expect her to be a great mum.
Bracken is a nice mid-gold colour with dark eyes and black nose. She is not a heavy boned or heavy coated girl.
Bracken loves people and children. She is a big cuddle! She thinks she is a lap dog!!

Lia, Bracken, Jaz, Chara
Bracken, Bokeh, Jaz, Joy, Lia, Chara
Grandma Lia
Mother Jaz
Brackenridge's Angelwing Jasmine, JH, AGN
Lia, Jaz, Bracken
Father- Ch. Kyon's Rolling Stone