Chara was born on May 9th,2004
Mother - Brackenridge's Celestial Burst                                              Father - CH.Manistee Bodacious Maximus CD,WC
Chara is a  lean girl and very well muscled. She is fast when running in the field and playing with her pals.She is a pale gold with slightly darker ears. She had dark pigment and dark brown eyes. She has good angulation and is well balanced.
Chara loves the snow and tunnels in it. All you can see is a tail sticking out and a foot or two away a head comes out! She also loves to roll upside down in it. Chara is a water dog!! She loves to swim and retrieve bumpers.
WhenChara is outside she is very active and loves to do things with you. Once in the house she settles right down and if possible she will lie on you!! Her favourite place is on the couch with her head on a pillow!! She is a people dog.
Chara has her WC. This is a Working certificate in field. She had to do retrieves on land and in water. She loves it. Chara also loves agility. I have a job to keep up with her as she is  so fast. I hope to start competing with her in 08.
Chara has her CGC -Canadian Good Citizen. She is also an Ottawa Therapy Dog. She visits Forest Hills Senior's Residence and loves the attention she gets!! She is also a READ dog and fills in for Lia if she can't go. READ stands for Reading Educational Assistance Dog. Children who have difficulty reading choose a book they think the dog would like and spend about 15 mins sitting on a quilt reading to her. Of course she doesn't judge and correct. If the child needs help "Chara" will tell her what she thinks the word is. The children love it and feel very special.
Chara has had 2 litters. She will be bred one more time next year. Lucy is one of her puppies and is living with Spring. Hopefully she will get all her clearances and be bred in a couple of years.
CHARA'S  litter
Chara as a puppy
Chara and Spring - drowned rats!!
Chara and Lia waiting for puppies
Chara waiting
Chara and day old puppies