CIDER'S Puppies 23
Cider was  bred to Isaac.
Cider is pregnant. She is due around Sept.14/15th. These are her ultrasound photos. It doesn't tell us how many she has but she has several.
Cider waiting!! She is getting rounder every day. She still likes to go out for her walks.
She thinks the sofa is a good place to have her puppies!!
Click on the pics to see a video of the puppies moving. You have to look hard but you can see the movement.
I'm getting soooo round!!
Cider is determined she will have her puppies on the sofa!!!! You can see how big she is getting.
Cider had her puppies yesterday during the day!! She was very considerate!! This is her x-ray showing the puppies. If you count the skulls or "zippers" (backbones) you can tell how many she had. Please let me know how many you think she has. I'll confirm it when I hear from you!! I'll put some pics up later in the day.
Cider had 10 puppies on Sept.13th. 5 males and 5 females. All are doing well.
Day1 as the puppies were being born. They are under a red heat lamp to keep them warm. The males are marked with a blue mark in different places and the females are marked with a pink mark. eg. PH is a mark on the female's head. BB is a mark on the back of a male. They will keep the mark on the same place until they go home so you can look back at pics to see your puppy over the weeks.
Day 2. My granddaughter is staying to help with the puppies. She wants to be a vet and Cider is her dog. Cider was very happy to have her there.
Day 2. All lined up on the milk bar.
Day 2. Ana giving some cuddles.
Day 3. Cute!! Click on pic to see video.
Day 4.
Day 4.
Day 4. Puppies nursing. Click on pic to see video.
Day 5. Getting noisy!! Moving around a lot more. Click on pic to see video.
Day 5. Click on pic to see video.
Day 5. Might be easier sitting with so many mouths!!! Click on pic to see video.
Ana, my granddaughter drew this pic as she was scribing for the puppies. She was writing down all the information on each puppy as it was born. In between puppies she drew this pic. She drew one for Cider's first litter!
Day5. The rest of Cider's family visiting her puppies and taking Ana home.
Day8. They can be quite noisy!!! Click on pic to see video.
Day 8.
Day 14. We can see!!! Not very well yet.
Day 14.
Day 14.
Day 14. Our eyes are starting to open. The light is bright!!
Day 14. BB(blue back) I climbed out of the box to have Mum to myself!!!
Day 14. Getting up on their legs.
Day19. Exploring the big wide world!!! Click on pic. Very noisy!!
Day 19. Click on pic to see video.
Day 25. First meal!! I divided it into 2 dishes. Click on pic to see video.
Day 25. They tucked in but wanted to be altogether so I put it in one dish!!! Click on pic to see video. Their table manners are good right now!!!
Day 27. Easier to stand now!!
Day 27. Enjoying their play area. Click on pic to see video.
Day 27. Playing with each other and the toys.
Day 34. First day outside!! They loved it and were running around and pulling up grass!!!! Click on pic to see video.
Day 34. !st day outside. They loved the wobbly board and were on and off it!! Click on pic to see video.
Day34. Exploring the big ball!
Day 34. Having a great time on their 1st day outside.
Day 35. A new bed?
Day 35. So comfy I'll go to sleep!!!
Day 35. It's so much fun outside!!! Click on pic to see video.
Day 35. We love the slide!
Day 35. Sometimes we have to think about it!! Click on pic to see video.
Day 39. Grandkids visit.
Day 39. Grandkids visit.
Although they have 2 dishes they all have to clean up one dish first and then go to the 2nd!!!! If I put puppies on the 2nd dish they move over to the 1st!!
Day 41. What a shock to wake up to White stuff!!!!! The puppies didn't care and ran around.
Day 41 Enjoying the snow!!!