These are the girls that are currently in my breeding programme.
OTCH.AMBERTRAIL'S GOLDEN BRACKEN WC,AM.CDX was the start of my interest in breeding Goldens. My kennel was named after Bracken. She was a great worker and got a Dog World award for her CD. She also did flyball and scent hurdling. For many years she was on a demo group and we went around to seniors homes,schools etc. She also did some Therapy work.Bracken was 13 1/2 when she died.
VICTORIA OF BRACKENRIDGE CDX,TT is a Bracken daughter.Vikki was trained by my daughter Sarah until she got too busy at school. Vikki had 4 litters of puppies and was then retired ! She went to live with my sister-in-law and her husband in Edmonton where she was treated like the Queen she was.(She was born on Victoria day.)She loved camping and went on lots of trips. She even flew back 3 times when they came for a holiday. She welcomed Ian into the family and Ian grew up with her. Vikki was 15 when she died.
CH.OTCH.MEADOWPOND BRACKENRIDGE JENI WC,AM.CDX,CGC,TT St.John Ambulace Therapy Dog. Jeni passed away at the age of 14. She was a very active dog and involved in all kinds of activities as you can see by her titles. She took part in agility with Super Dogs at the Ottawa Ex. for 2 years running.She did flyball, scent hurdling and many demos for seniors  and children.
BRACKENRIDGE'S PUSSY WILLOW WC.CGC.TT St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog. Willow was Jeni's daughter.
Willow was a very gentle dog and a super Therapy dog. She loved everyone.She was trained by my son Mark until he left home. She went wild when he came home!! She was the only dog who got up on the sofa or jumped the baby gate !!!! Willow was 11 1/2 when she died.
BRACKENRIDGE'S BADGER CD,WC,St.John Ambulance Therapy dog.Badger was Willow's sister and a Jeni daughter. When Badger finished being a mother she went to live with Jill and Julio where she was thoroughly spoilt!!! She is now at Rainbow Bridge after reaching the age of 13 yrs.Her daughter Rush has done very well in Obedience and agility.
FALLBROOK BRACKENRIDGE CHRISTY CD,St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog.Christy  is a Jeni grandaughter. She was ball crazy and loved Flyball. She  earned some flyball titles and was still competing at age 10! She is at Rainbow Bridge.
OTCH BRACKENRIDGE'S TREMBLING ASPEN WCI, JH, Am/Bda CDX, TT, CGC, Nov.Agility, AVDC, Adv.Jumpers, St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog.
     Aspen was 13 1/2 yrs old when she went to Rainbow Bridge. She was my 3rd generation. Willow was her mother. As you can see Aspen is involved in many activities and is a traveller ! Aspen has been very busy with Agility which she loves. She was the first Golden to get a CKC Agility title. She went on to get her CKC Agility Intermediate and 1 leg on her Excellent.Under AKC she earned her Advanced Jumpers with weaves. Under AAC she earned her Veteran Master Agility Dog and her Masters Jumpers and Snooker titles. She is a very steady dog and loves people. Her greatest thrill is that she is now visiting the children at CHEO. She has been waiting  several years for the decision for Therapy dogs to visit.
BRACKENRIDGE'S MOUNTAIN ASH. Rowan is Aspen's daughter. Rowan went to live with a family and came back to have her puppies. When she finished having puppies she just enjoyed being spoilt! She had 4 young people to keep her busy! She went to Rainbow Bridge in Aug.09 at the age of 15 yrs 5 mths.
BRACKENRIDGE'S LAUREL CD. Laurel was Rowan's daughter. Her daughter Sugar Maple carried on the "tree line".Laurel is at Rainbow Bridge.
Bracken was Aspen's daughter. She went to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14 yrs and 4 mths. She was involved in Obedience earning a Dog World award and a HIT.Her love was agility and field. She was very fast when running the agility course and flew through the weaves! She has retired from competition but is still very active running in the fields and swimming. She visits CHEO as an Ottawa Therapy Dog and loves it. The children look forward to her visit.

BRACKENRIDGE'S SUGAR MAPLE Nov.Agility(AKC). Maple was Aspen's Great Grand-daughter and was  my 6th generation. Very sadly we lost Maple at the age of 4 1/2 yrs due to an unknown cause.Her daughter Magnolia - Lia carries on the tree line.
Melanie also loved retrieving and swimming.  She loved to slide and would climb up and slide down !! Melanie lived  with Jill and Julio. We lost her very 5 years old.
Nova  is Bracken's daughter. She had 2 litters and has retired from motherhood. She was Chara's mother.
BRACKENRIDGE'S STAR MAGNOLIA - Lia is a puppy I kept from Maple's last litter. She is had all the qualities her mum had ! She loved to lie on you !!  She had 2 litters. Unfortuneately she got Lepto and was very sick. She made a full recovery but I decided she had been through enough so I spayed her. She is  competed in agility and earned her VATCH. She was a great Therapy dog and took over CHEO from my 2nd Bracken. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge.
BRACKENRIDGE'S HAILEY'S COMET - Comet is Melanie's puppy from her second  litter. She has retired from motherhood and enjoying life with her two-legged "sisiter" Ashley. She is ball crazy and always has one nearby! She is still very active.
BRACKENRIDGE"S NORTHERN STAR  WC - Chara is Nova and Beau's puppy. She is 12yrs old  She is a pale to mid gold. Chara is full of life and loves to run and retrieve. She is a cuddler. As soon as I sit on the sofa she is up and lying on me!!! She and Jaz are great friends and play together. She has had one litter and will ahve another next year. She loves field work and is now enjoying agility. She loves swimming. Chara is an Ottawa Therapy Dog and visits CHEO. She loves to snuggle with the children. She is also a READ dog and fills in for Jaz if she can't go.
BRACKENRIDGE'S SPRING INTO ACTION - Spring is from Melanie's last litter. She is 2 weeks younger than Chara so they are great friends. They visit regularly to play. Spring is a mid-gold and a more solid build than Chara. She loves water and wallows in it. She is 10 and is still very active. Her daughter is Oakley.

BRACKENRIDGE'S ANGELWING JASMINE WCI, JH,- Jaz is one of Lia's puppies. She is a dark gold with a jet black nose and dark eyes. She is a going concern! She loves to play and tussle with anyone who is willing!! She is 11 years old. She is a great retriever and swimmer and loves field work.  Outside she is very active but inside she loves to lie on the sofa preferably on you!! Jaz was a great mum and loved playing with her puppies. I kept one from her and she is my 3rd Bracken. Jaz is a Therapy dog and is my READ dog. She also visits CHEO if Chara can't.
BRACKENRIDGE'S EASY ON THE EYES - Oakley is Spring's puppy. She is the mother of Joy and Bokeh. She is retired and lives with my son and his family. She has helped raise my 4 grandchildren - Carter 6, Hudson 5 and Ana 2 1/2 and Mollie 9ths.
Girls who have retired from breeding.
Molly had 2 nice litters. She was a pale gold in colour. She lived with a family and came to me to have her puppies. She loved to sit on the sofa and cuddle!
Bracken, Chara, Lark, Jaz and Milly in front.
Bracken is my 3rd Bracken. She is 3. She does have very big shoes to fill!!! Her mother is Jaz, her grandmother is Lia. She is  avery active girl and loves everyone and everything!! She has always loved playing with puppies  so when she had her own I knew shwe would be a great mother. She only had 1 puppy in her 1st litter but became a surrogate mother to 10 orphaned puppies. She had 8 puppies in her 2nd litter. She is an Ottawa Therapy Dog. Caper is ner puppy. Jaz is her mother.
Bokeh is Oakley's puppy. She is very people oriented and loves to cuddle. She also loves to play. She likes balls like her mother!! She is a pale gold but will darken a little. She loves water and swimming. Bokeh became a Therapy dog in the Spring and visits seniors. She has now retired and lives a very pampered life!! She is now known as Flo.
Joy is a littermate to Bokeh. She is a bit darker than Bokeh. She is also a water dog and will play an a sprinkler or pool!! She and Bokeh love to play with each other. Joy lives with my friend close by so is always over here. She is a big cuddle. Joy has had 3 litters. Echo and Milly are her puppies.
Autumn is Jaz's daughter and a half sister to Bracken. She is real mid-gold colour.Autumn is a small girl but a very active girl. She loves to run and swim. She is also a very cuddly girl. She lives with a couple in Ottawa and comes to me to have her puppies. She has several grandchildren that visit and loves to play with them. She had 11 puppies in her first litter! Jaz is her mother and Lark is her daughter.
Swift is a mid gold colour. She is Melanie's great great granddaughter. She has a lovely disposition and is a cuddly girl. She has just become an Ottawa Therapy Dog and is visiting a hospital. She lives with  a family and comes back to me to have her puppies. She will be bred again early in 2017.
Caper is Bracken's puppy. She has just past her clearances and will be bred next year. She is a pale gold colour. She is full of life and loves to play, swim and dive from the dock!! She adores water!! Caper also lives with a family and is very spoilt!! She spends a lot of time at the cottage diving and swimming!! She loves to cuddle! She will come back here to have her puppies. Caper is Bracken's puppy, Jaz's Granddaughter.
Some of my original girls have gone but they have left a big mark with their offspring.

Milly is just 5 months old. She was born on my grandson's 6th birthday so I let him name her! He loves Star wars and the starships!! She has great angilation and movement. She has just learnt to swim and is good at retrieving. She likes to cuddle on the sofa!! Milly is Joy's puppy,Oakley's granddaughter and Spring's Great Granddaughter.
Lark is just over a year old. She has her eyes and heart clearances. She is a small girl but has good angulation and movement. She is mid-gold. Lark is very smart and learns things very quickly. She loves water and retrieving. She also loves to cuddle! Lark is Autumn's Puppy, Jaz's Daughter and Bracken's half sister.
Jas is just under a year old. She is living with a family and will hopefully come back to me for breeding when she is old enough to get her clearances. She loves to play and run. She also likes to cuddle!! She is a mid-gold colour. Jas is Bokeh's puppy, Oakley's Granddaughter and Spring's Great Granddaughter.
Jas   Bokeh
Robin was on the pale side of Gold. She was ball crazy!! Robin was an Ottawa Therapy Dog. Her mother was Molly and her daughter is Swift.