Goldens are known for their very gentle temperament. They are very people oriented and love to be with you doing whatever you are doing. Because of their gentle temperament they are a very good family dog and are good with children.

Cooper and Lia
Devon going for a run!
Cooper and Spring
Mollie, Nick and Jennie
Juno, Gabrielle and Daniel
Reed and Aspen
Reed and Xena
Emma and Jess
Maggie Nixon and family
Cooper and puppies
Sunny and friends
Comet, Hayley and Ashley
Ian and Gemma
Mathew and Rhyanne
Mathew, Sadie and friends Will and Tallulah
Sadie and Kristen - note the bandanna!
Chinook and sister Catriona
Logan and Chelsea
Maggie Laskaris and friends
Charlie and friends
Karma and new sister
Marty Mac and Sally
Rowan and friend Ryan
Charlie and his girls!
Galen and Megan
Reed and Chara
Walking the dogs
Jack and his human!
Comet and friends
Tabu winning!!
Quincy and friend
Sadie and friends
Mathew and friends
Spencer Murray and friends
Jack and his human Annie
Maggie and brother Mathew
Ashley, cousin Buddy and sister Comet
   Indy fishing
Caramel and her "boys"
Molson and Caroline
Molson and Noah
Orion and his 2 humans!
Benson and his human Jayme
Elly and her human
Bronte and her 2 girls - Emma and Sarah
Atlas and his"sister"
Carter and Oakley
taken by
Oakley and her boys- Carter and Hudson
Jasper Kirvan and "sisiter" Oct.12
Carter and Bokeh sharing a kiss!! Carter was so excited after!!
Hudson and his friend.
Joy and Samantha
Carter and puppies
Ava-Mae and Solo.
Charlie and puppies
Marlise and puppies.
Ana 7mths and puppies.
Carter and puppies.
Hudson and puppies.