Mother - Brackenridge's Sugar Maple                          Father - Ch.Goldencol's The Beat Goes On WCI,CD,AGI,JH
Lia doing the R.E.A.D. programme
A party for Lia including a loot bag!!! Celebrating the end of the year.
Polar bears!
A water dog from a puppy !
Lia loves agility. She is working in CKC excellent and AAC Masters. The photos were taken by Muddy Paws.
Lia has her Working Certificate in field.
waiting for puppies
Day old puppies
Lia's are the darker puppies.
Lia's puppies
ready to canoe!!
watching the sunset
Lia as a puppy.
Lia was born on Feb.7 2003.She is my 7th generation. She is a mid gold with black pigment. Her nose stays black! She is a small girl - 20 1/2 " at the shoulder. She has med.bone. She had 2 litters and was  a great mum. Unfortuneately she got Lepto and was very sick but made a full recovery. I decided she had gone through enough so I spayed her.
She is now busy with her Therapy work and agility. She has been an Ottawa Therapy Dog for 4 years. She is also a R.E.A.D. dog. That is a Reading Educational Assistance Dog. She goes into a school and children who have difficulty reading come and read to Lia. She doesn't judge them and they pet her as they read and relax. It is very rewarding seeing the results. She also goes into CHEO if Bracken can't.
I kept a puppy from her last litter - Jaz.
Lia  is busy with agility and Therapy work. She will be taking Bracken's place at CHEO.