Photographer. My son does photography as a hobby. He will take any kind of photo. You name it, he will take it.
Dental care- A young girl was doing research for a project and found this site. She thought it was a good site explaining about cleaning dog's teeth and asked if I could add it on my links page.
CPR for pets - Dr. Mary Williams has written an article of first aid for pets and CPR for pets. A good site to have handy.

Pet proofing your house - this site was suggested to me as it was found to be very helpful.
Doggie Play Park - off leash - If you'd like a safe place to let your dogs run check this site. It is a large fenced area just west of Kanata.
Hints on adopting an older dog - If you have adopted an older dog this site may give you some hints to help during the fist few weeks.
Constipation - some helpful hints if your dog is costipated.
Poisonous plants - this link was sent to me by a young lady doing some research and she came across it. 
Keeping Pets safe - This link was sent to me by a young man anxious to have a dog and was doing some research to prove he was responsible.

Older pet health - this site was sent to me by someone who adopted an older dog.
Essential oils and pets

CPR for dogs

Air Pollution on pets - this was sent to me by a young lady who thought it would be interesting.
Keeping pets safe around pools -
This is a site giving safety measures to protect pets and pools.