milly's litter June 2021
Brackenridge's Millenium Falcon
Ambertru's N Sync
Milly had 8 puppies on Jun.20. It was an "all nighter"!! There are 5 boys and 3 girls. All are doing well. All the puppies are spoken for.
Milly's ultrasound. You can see the embryo in the sac, In the 3rd pic you can see 3 - one on the far left, one in the middle and one to the far right. They are a bit blurred,
Milly is getting quite big as you can see. She still likes to go for short walks.
Milly's x-ray. You look for skulls and follow the "zippers". These are the vertebrae. It is hard to count as they are all mixed up!!
Day 1.The boys have a blue mark and the girls a pink mark. It stays in the same place until they go home.
Day 1. brs ( blue right shoulder) likes to lie over his mum's arm!!
Day 1. brs.
Day 2.
Day 2.
Day 2. brs is on mum's arm again!!
Milly and her puppies.