Bracken is  so good with the puppies. She loves to play and chase. She helps wear them out so they are ready for bed!!
Zak the nursemaid!! He loves watching the puppies.
How to fit 6, yes 6, puppies in a small bowl!!!
start with 1
add 2 more!!
4th one thinking about it!
2 more makes 5!!
count carefully!! There are 6 and the top half of another!!
Some puppy pics to enjoy!
This puppy would climb up and poke her nose under the edge of the plastic and push it out so she could keep climbing!!! She is very smart!! I attached the bottom in more places. She is now quite upset because she can't climb up!! I'm going to have to get my other crazy carpet which is protecting my bird feeder from Squirrells! I'm sure she will move to the area not covered. I've never had such a climber.
Brackenridge's Meadowlark
Can GCH. Ambertru's I Sht You Nott DJ
Puppies and Litters
I  won't have any puppies available until next Spring. I will probably breed Lark to Eli again. They had really nice puppies.

If you want a puppy sooner Bev Turner at Whinturn Golden Retrievers has one of my girls - Faith, and she is pregnant and due at the end of Oct. Bev is taking resrvations. Her web site is - http://www.whinturngoldens.com/ The puppies would be ready to go to their new homes after the New Year.
puppy pics below