Spring was born on May 19th 2004.
              Mother - Sherhaven Brackenridge Melanie             Father - Ch.Mariners Hi Road to Shaynedoro
Spring is a pale gold with slightly darker ears. She is a medium build and shortish coat. She is an active girl outside but a couch potato inside. She loves water and will find the tiniest amount to wallow in!!
Spring lives with Jill and Julio and Lucy - Chara's daughter. She comes back to me to have her puppies.Spring and Chara grew up together as puppies and are best friends. They play together and stay over for sleepovers!! When Spring has her puppies Jjill always says she is going to camp here!!
Below are some pics of Spring growing up. Most were taken by Jill.
My favourite spot!!
In the water, out for a roll, in again, out for another roll, in again. Time to go home ! No !! One more swim!! Home James Home!
I'm too biseee to think about puppies!! I have to watch out of my window.
Spring's puppies