If you have a Brackenridge dog and have earned a title, certificate or something special, please let me know and send some pics if you have them.
       Casey and Liz have been very busy all year with Rally. They have earned several titles and moved up the levels. They earned their Rally Excellent title at Long Sault with a 4th place.  They also placed first in 3 obedience classes (twice in Intermediate Novice, once in novice C.)  They had their 3 best  scores ever.--193, 195, 197.5!  
       Casey got his first two RAE rally legs (out of 10) at the Bytown Rally show .

He posted very good scores (89, 96, 97 and 100).  In his last run, he scored a perfect 100 in Excellent B and won the class in a timed runoff.
     Casey earned his CDX  at the Training Hall Valentine weekend.

He was a VERY GOOD BOY, and finally heeled in a trial like he does in class.  He earned very nice scores of 195 and 192 and two first place ribbons!
    The big guy ended his weekend well with two more first place ribbons and even nicer scores than yesterday!! (195.5 and 196).
                              Congratulations to both of you!!!
Diana and Alegria  received good scores at the CARO trials obtaining her Rally Novice title. Also she did a clean run in the team competition. They are working to get her CD hopefully in February at the OVGRC trials.
                                            Congtatulations !

Ale has just earned her CGN - Canadian Good Neighbour. Congratulations!

In Oct. Ale CARO Rally Novice team competed in a Caro team trial with her NSDTR. They did extremely well and got their Ralley Novice Title with a perfect 200 score in one leg.

Ale earned a novice leg at the Poodle trial and another at Petawawa. Congratulations!!

Ale earned her final leg at the OVGRC trial and now has herCD. Congratulations to both of you.

Jaz has been busy with agility and earned her CKC Novice title and her AAC Starters title. She earned an AAC Advanced Snooker and Jumpers leg at Dreamfields. She is wild and loves it!!
Chara has also been busy with agility. She also earned her CKC Novice title. She is working on legs for AAC. She is  so fast I have a job keeping up with her!!!
Lia is also busy with agility. She earned legs in CKC Excellent B in standard and Jumpers With Weaves. She is also working in AAC Masters and has earned her Snooker title and 3 Standard legs..
Casey earned an Open leg .
Casey earned his RAE Title. He has now retired from Rally and will concentrate on his obedience.
Liz and Casey have been busy working in Utlity. They earned their UD with 2 first places. Well done!!  Casey can now put OTCH infront of his name!! They are now  working on legs towards their OChX
They made a god start and earned a HIT at Petawawa in utility. That's not easy. Congratulations to both of you.

Casey can officially be called -OTCh Brackenridge's I'm Casey, CGN, RAE, UD!!
Casey's OTCH.
Congratulations to Beth and Myko. Myko passed his Ottawa Therapy Dog Evaluation and will start his visiting in Almonte.
I got this message from Heather and Miller. Congratulations to both of you!!
He's not such a naughty boy after all!!

"Thought I would send you off a note to tell you that we now own"
Brackenridge Pardon Me Boys CD "  Yes, our naughty boy pulled up his
socks and qualified 3 times out of 4 with 1st place each time - Highest
score trial # 4  with 195. We missed HIT by 1.5 points."

Pip has just earned his ATCH.  Congratulations!!  He is quite proud of himself.
Now he can be called 'Champion Doofus'!!
Congratulations to Pat and Maggie.
They have been very busy!! Maggie got her WC in September. This is a field title involving retrieving on land and in water.
She also got a High in Trial at the Kars trials in July and got her CD in Lombardy. These are Obedience Titles.

Lia earned her ATCh at Dream fields. This is an Agility Trial Champion. She was fast and happy!! She can now retire from competition and concentrate on her CHEO visiting.
CH.Brackenridges's Anglo Saxon earned his Canadian Championship in May 2019.He was handled by his owner - Claudia Mai. He also has 9 points towards his Grand Champion.